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Learn More About Dr. Whelan!

November 04, 2019

Dr. Z and Dr. Whelan sit down for a little Q+A.

I know that you all have become very used to seeing Dr. Rhodes and myself over the last several years for your eye exams, but we are now excited to introduce the newest addition to the Optique team Dr. Kevan Whelan! I thought this month it would be good to get to know Dr. Whelan a little better, so we sat down for a quick Q+A.

How did you become interested in Optometry, and what are your favorite aspects of the profession?

The eyes are an extension of the brain, and that is what first got me interested in optometry. I was a psychology major in undergrad and the neuro classes always grabbed my attention the most, especially those regarding vision and perception. Maybe it was also familiarity that drove me to consider optometry as a profession. I had become accustomed to visiting my eye doctor every year since I was eight thanks to my nearsighted eyes. After considering my options and shadowing at a few different offices I felt confident enough that I would enjoy the profession so I went forward with applying to Optometry schools. Now, 9 years after that decision, I am thoroughly enjoying the opportunities that optometry has provided me, and the unique connections I am able to make with my patients and colleagues. Optometry provides new challenges daily as it maintains some of the subjectivity of psychology while also being rooted in objective physiological processes. You never know who or what eye conditions are going to walk into your office so it keeps the day to day exciting. So far I've really enjoyed my time at Optique. Our staff and opticians are phenomenal and I look forward to meeting all of you and helping you keep your eyes healthy and vision clear!

When you are not in the office, how do you like to keep active in your free time?

You might catch me running around Lady Bird Lake or stretching it out and working on my Ujjayi breath at a yoga class. I've been picking up tennis lately but definitely need some practice with my serve (any tips are welcomed). All of the outdoor activities available in Austin is one of the main reasons I moved here a few years ago. I grew up swimming and playing water polo so you may run into me at Deep Eddy or Barton Springs.

What parts of Austin Culture are some of your favorites?

I enjoy attending concerts and comedy shows around town, Stubb's and Antone's are a couple of my favorite venues. I try to make it to ACL every year and I feel so lucky to have seen so many of my favorite musicians over the past 3 years.

You are not from Texas, so you must cheer for someone other than the Longhorns?

Growing up in Ann Arbor I became a diehard Michigan fan and I'm still waiting for hell to freeze over when the Lions make it to the Super Bowl.

-Dr. Z