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Frames by VADA

Founded in 2013 by Creative Director Katie Caplener, VADA has to-date specialized in fine jewelry as well as highly curated vintage and antique collections. The entirety of VADA's eye-catching pieces employ various techniques of Greek and Roman ideologies combined with contemporary aesthetics and the highest level of traditional craftsmanship. Designed with a conceptual narrative in mind, each item expresses the mysterious doctrine of love and eternity while symbolizing the ritualistic lures of romance and nostalgia. Since its inception in 2013, VADA's top priority and mission is to source conflict-free fine-jewelry materials within the United States of America.

Inspired by The Siren Vase, the Ancient Greek vessel depicting Odysseus’s victorious voyage, VADA set sail with its maiden eyewear voyage in Spring 2020. VADA Eyes represents the next chapter in the brand’s story. Each pair features organic cellulose acetate, hand-wrought metal adornments and custom rivets designed to hold VADA’s gold chain retainers, making VADA Eyes eyewear and jewelry at once. All frames are handmade in Japan.

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