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Frames by Krewe du Optic

Krewe du optic is a New Orleans-based and culturally inspired independent eyewear company celebrating individual style with modern, iconic frames. The people and place of New Orleans – dense with history and ritual – inform each of their designs. Origin of the Name: Historically, the term "krewe" (ˈkrü) is linked to Mardi Gras, a tradition that is uniquely New Orleanian. It attempts to define the diverse group that comes together to parade in celebration of the Carnival season. The name invokes this spirit of creative collaboration. Founder's Story: Krewe was founded by Stirling Barrett, a New Orleans artist and creative entrepreneur. His vision of the city as a thriving cultural hub was the inspiration for his launching KREWE in 2013. Their team passionately believes in spreading the culture of New Orleans and its celebration of individual style, one frame at a time.